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Carpet Protectant

Carpet protection is an affordable way to extend the life of your carpet and upholstery. Our professionally trained technicians can treat your carpet, area rugs and upholstery and the same time as your scheduled cleaning.

Why should you have carpet and fabric protection applied?

1. It reduces permanent staining by helping your carpet to repel spills.

2. It makes spots easier to remove. Many spots can be removed with just water because stains tend to bead-up on the surface instead of soaking into the fibers.

3. It protects your traffic lanes. Traffic lane soiling can be abrasive and make small cuts in the carpet fibers. By applying a carpet protector, you will increase the life expectancy of your carpet because these soils will release from your carpet much more effectively with normal vacuuming.

4. It makes your next professional carpet cleaning more effective because protectant makes it easier to remove soiling.

Bottom line... Carpet protectant makes your carpet look better and last longer!